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Welcome to Maverick & Wolf, where precision meets style and care. With two distinguished stores located in the heart of Knightsbridge and the vibrant community of Chiswick, we are your premium destination for unparalleled eye care and exquisite eyewear selections.

At Maverick & Wolf, we believe in going beyond the ordinary. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our cutting-edge eye examinations, conducted with state-of-the-art Zeiss equipment. We prioritise the health and clarity of your vision, ensuring each examination is thorough and comprehensive.

We curate a distinguished collection of brands renowned for their craftsmanship and elegance. From the iconic designs of Lindberg to the timeless allure of Cartier, Chrome Hearts, Chanel, Dior, and more, we offer an exclusive range of eyewear that transcends fashion trends and embodies individual expression.

In addition to our extensive brand portfolio, we take pride in offering frames crafted from exquisite materials such as wood and stone, adding a touch of natural beauty and uniqueness to your eyewear experience. Our dedication to sustainability is evident in our partnership with Rolf Eyewear, where each frame is meticulously handmade in Austria using environmentally friendly materials, ensuring both style and ethical integrity.

At Maverick & Wolf, we understand that your eyesight is precious, and your eyewear should be too. Our experienced team of opticians is committed to providing personalised attention and guidance, helping you find the perfect frames that not only enhance your vision but also reflect your individual style and personality.

Whether you're seeking the latest designer trends or timeless classics, we are here to elevate your eyewear experience. Visit us at our Knightsbridge or Chiswick location, and let us redefine the way you see the world.

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219 Brompton Road
Knightsbridge, SW3 2EJ
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150 Chiswick High Road
Chiswick, W4 1PR
T: +44 (0)20 3441 1955

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