Blue glasses - blue sunglasses

If you're looking to experiment with colours, blue is the best colour to make that first step. The colour of the sky and the sea, cool and calming, blue is associated with freedom, inspiration and intelligence. Great with any hair colour with cool undertones and to emphasize blue eyes.

blue glasses BLUE GLASSES ▶ blue sunglassesBLUE SUNGLASSES ▶

purple glasses - purple sunglasses

Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. Being the rarest occurring colour in nature, purple is seen as the colour of royalty and nobility, believe to boost imagination and creativity. Purple frames bring out the green in your eyes and look great with brown eyes, too.

purple glassesPURPLE GLASSES ▶purple sunglassesPURPLE SUNGLASSES ▶

pink glasses - pink sunglasses

Sneak a bit of playfulness to your outfit with a pair of hot pink frames or go for a more subtle pastel version. Whether you want to add a feminine retro feel or just a hint of pastel cotton candy pink for a subtly girly cute look. The colour of romance and charm, pink is a trend that's always in fashion.

pink glasses PINK GLASSES ▶ pink sunglassesPINK SUNGLASSES ▶

red glasses - red sunglasses

Are you ready to branch out from the safety of black and tortoise frames? Spice up your summer look with the heat of a pair of red frames or sneak a little warmth into your look in the cold months. An intense colour, packed with emotion, red symbolises action, confidence, and courage.

red glassesRED GLASSES ▶ red sunglassesRED SUNGLASSES ▶

brown glasses - brown sunglasses

Brown flatters most complexions. The hues range from rich chocolate to soft caramel tones - there's a shade of brown that suits everyone. Bring out the hazel tones in your eyes or pair your green eyes perfectly with these nice pairs of brown frames.

brown glassesBROWN GLASSES ▶brown sunglassesBROWN SUNGLASSES ▶

tortoise glasses - tortoise sunglasses

The timeless elegance of tortoiseshell coloured frames are a versatile alternative to black frames. The light mahogany and bourbon tones of the frames are the best choice for people with warm undertones in their hair colour.

tortoise glassesTORTOISE GLASSES ▶tortoise sunglassesTORTOISE SUNGLASSES

cream glasses - cream sunglasses

The understated elegance of these neutral coloured frames is a great match for redheads and blonde or brown hair with warm undertones. Cream coloured frames have the same pureness and softness of the colour white, but with a warmer tone.

cream glassesCREAM GLASSES ▶cream sunglassesCREAM SUNGLASSES ▶

orange glasses - orange sunglasses

Energise yourself up with an instant slice of summer and bring out the blue in your eyes with these vibrant orange frames. A flamboyant colour often used to gain attention but without the bold, in-your-face presence that the colour red has.

orange glassesORANGE GLASSES ▶orange sunglassesORANGE SUNGLASSES

gold glasses - gold sunglasses

Gold implies wealth in every culture and what's not to like about the richness and decadence of this noble material? Gold is the colour of success, achievement and triumph and works well as an accent colour with any rich colour from deep green eyes to maroon hair colour.

gold glassesGOLD GLASSES ▶ gold sunglassesGOLD SUNGLASSES ▶

silver glasses - silver sunglasses

The metallic shine of these silver coloured frames gives your eyewear a sleek, modern, high-tech look. Silver has the coolness of grey but with a playful, fun, lively twist. Silver frames suit cooler shades of blondes and dark brown hair colour the most. Pick this for a hint of bling!

silver glassesSILVER GLASSES ▶silver sunglassesSILVER SUNGLASSES ▶

white glasses - white sunglasses

The white colour of the frames draws the attention instantly to your face and illuminates it. The cool simplicity of white gives a clean, ultra-contemporary, almost futuristic to your outfit and has been a popular choice of colour for several seasons now. Even better on tanned skin!

white glassesWHITE GLASSES ▶white sunglassesWHITE SUNGLASSES ▶

black glasses - black sunglasses

A simple, safe and classic colour, these black frames are by far the most popular choice. Black frames blend in nicely with darker hair colours and give a great contrast for blondes. Black matches everything so you don't have to worry about your outfit either.

black glassesBLACK GLASSES ▶black sunglassesBLACK SUNGLASSES ▶

green glasses - green sunglasses

The colour of nature and energy, the freshness of these green frames will bring the springtime feeling back to any dull day. Green frames suit blondes or brown hair with warm undertones the best and are a great match for hazel eyes.

green glassesGREEN GLASSES ▶green sunglassesGREEN SUNGLASSES ▶

gunmetal glasses - gunmetal sunglasses

The timelessness of dark, toned-down steel/silver makes gunmetal coloured frames a classic favourite whether it is for casual or sportswear. Gunmetal frames are a modern investment piece that'll be always stylish no matter what the current trend is.

gunmetal glassesGUNMETAL GLASSES ▶gunmetal sunglassesGUNMETAL SUNGLASSES

horn glasses - horn sunglasses

As a natural material, the horn is extraordinarily kind to the skin. The unique texture and exclusivity of the horn (only less than 20% of all horn produced can be used to manufacture frames) make it a luxurious choice of material for your spectacles.

horn glassesHORN GLASSES ▶ horn sunglassesHORN SUNGLASSES ▶

yellow glasses - yellow sunglasses

Whether you're aiming for an edgy fashion statement or just looking to add a pop of colour to your outfit, yellow frames will definitely add a bit of sunshine to your day. An attention-grabbing colour, yellow symbolises happiness and positivity.

yellow glassesYELLOW GLASSES ▶yellow sunglassesYELLOW SUNGLASSES

crystal glasses - crystal sunglasses

Highlight the sparkles in your eyes with these glossy and unusual crystal frames and give a modern, catwalk-inspired twist to any look.

crystal glassesCRYSTAL GLASSES ▶crystal sunglassesCRYSTAL SUNGLASSES

grey glasses - grey sunglasses

Sophisticated and conservative, channelling a contemporary freshness, grey frames share the mystery of black without the negativity of the colour.

grey glassesGREY GLASSES ▶ grey sunglassesGREY SUNGLASSES ▶